Corrective and Preventive Action Management

CAPA – Corrective and Preventive Action Management

CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) leads other critical Quality Management Systems like Deviation, Change Control, and Training for continuous improvement and effectiveness of all Life Sciences companies. So Corrective and Preventive Action Management and its analysis is core to the effectiveness of all other Quality Management Systems and critical for GMP compliance or regulated environments.

Advantages of CAPA Management Software and Tracking

Capa Tracking

This CAPA Tracking software system or Planning Software was developed based on extensive research of Corrective and Preventive.


Action guidelines from various regulatory agencies and yet be flexible to seamlessly integrate into other quality systems and manage CAPAs.


The web-based approach allows CAPA Planning software accessibility from anywhere within the site or organization.

Key Features of CAPA Tracking Software
--> Robust Root Cause Analysis The Root Cause Analysis allows tasks assigned to the investigators and across the departments based upon the critical of the observation.

--> Quality System Linkage The relevant information of an observation from the source Quality System is automatically captured at the initiation eliminating the rework of observation data entry.

--> CAPA Plan and Tasks This is initiated by summarizing the Corrective and Preventive Action Plan and disintegrating this plan into a series of corrective action/ preventive action tasks that can be routed for review and approvals.

Industries that can benefit from our 21 CFR Part 11

--> Pharmaceuticals

--> Biotechnology

--> Biologics

--> Medical Devices

--> Chemical

--> Contract Manufacturing

--> General Manufacturing

--> Food & Beverages