Incubation Management Software

Incubation Management Software

Incubation Management Software is a web-based system designed to automate your existing manual processes entirely online to record all the samples details with respect to their type of incubators.

Benefits OF Incubation Management Software

Incubator Management Software to track and identify the sample positions with incubator wise
The incubator System assists the users to view the status of individual incubators, incubation history, etc.
Gives you the provision to register the details of samples with required test conditions via incubator Management Solution to maintain the electronic information data which can be accessed from anywhere.

Features of Incubation Management Software

The Incubator Management Solution provides the convenience of controlling multiple categories of samples along with the time specified to the store.
It will also indicate with a coloring differentiation for the record when it reaches maximum incubation period and Deviated records.
This Incubator System is designed to improve your workflow process in the laboratory and increases the efficiency throughout the incubation process.