Quality Control

Qulaity Control

Quality Control Laboratory Automation Solution i.e Stability Studies and schedules Management, Standards Management and Column Management modules implemented and approved plants Including the World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Company.

Stability Management

Stability studies will certify the maintenance of product quality, efficiency, and safety throughout the shelf life or period of time.

HPLC Columns Usage Tracking

HPLC Column Management Software is an essential application allows tracking, managing and handle.

Standards (Primary/Reference)

Standards are one of the significant factors for reliably good quality of pharmaceutical products.

QC Planning & Scheduling

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology manufacturers continue to operate in a highly competitive environment.


Satisfaction of consumers
Reduction in production cost
Most effective utilization of resources
Improved techniques and methods of production
Increased sales
features of quality control
Technical Quality of the source data is stable defined by the specific of the DWH