Annual Product Quality Review

Annual Product Quality Review

Annual Product Quality Review (APQR) will be conducted for each commercial product manufactured in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Bio-similar Industries. The aim of this annual product review within the pharmaceutical companies is to verify the consistency of the process, to assess trend, to determine the need for the changes.

Key information captured in APRQ

  • Raw material, packaging materials
  • Process control and Analytical test results
  • Batch failure or Batch Rejections
  • Field alerts
  • Marketing commitments

APQR Software Helps

  • Auto Alerts just in case of delays beyond 60 days
  • Trends of Analytical Parameters.
  • Stability Trends
  • This APQR Software will enables auto-versioning of PQR Document.
  • APQR Software will shows the comparison between current to Previous Year Data