Learning Management System and GMP Training

Learning Management System and GMP Training

Learning Management System (LMS), GMP Training software has been built in a way to manage pharma, healthcare-specific employee training, and development cycle starting from induction for employees to end of training completion Learning Management System is a web-based platform enables you to drive effective employee learning activities, tracking, and completion.


1. Organizes eLearning content in one location.

2.Provides unlimited access to eLearning materials.

3.Easily tracks learner progress and performance.

4. Reduces Learning and Development costs.

5. Reduces Learning and Development time.

6. Quickly and conveniently expands eLearning courses.

Features of Learning Managment System

Training Calendar and schedule option to organize online and offline sessions.
Trainees on the course level.
Different certification type e.g. questionnaire, practical and verbal discussions.
Our Learning Management System is easy to monitor and update the competency needs of employees.
Retraining, trainer of each person.
User-friendliness with dynamic reports and matrices.
Auto cancels the scheduled sessions during changing the user from one department to another department.