Sales Targeting

Sales Targeting Software

Sales Targeting Software

Sales Targeting and Automated Sales Planning is a software helps to automate the manual sales targeting process by which the sales planning and targeting process become dynamic, simple and effective. Our sales planning and sales tracking software help in effective targeting across hierarchies and verticals with automated targets.

Benefits of Sales Targeting


Ownership with fully controlled role-based access to columns, cells, and rows.

Targeting Solution

Sales Targeting Solution will support large numbers of user’s base with predefined rules and historical data inputs.

Manual Check

No manual check on the current excel status as everything is visible on the dashboard pending status.

Features of Sales Planning
--> Sales Planning Software helps the business users need not learn new software but stick to the same excel view with complete automation experience.

--> By using this, where all the SKU’s can be monitored and maintained by a single screen along with their information.

--> Easy comparison of a contribution made in the last financial year to the target assigned in a current financial year.

--> The Software will show the auto-calculated fields will show the immediate effect while changing the value.

Manual Sales Targeting

–> Sales Targeting is the goal setting process.

–> Sales and strategy team are quite comfortable with setting target through excel template as they deal with multiple SKU Products.