QC Planning

QC Planning and Scheduling in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Laboratories

QC Planning and Scheduling in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Laboratories

The Quality Control (QC) Laboratories plays a vital role in pharmaceutical production for both in process and finished product testing. Especially in QC Laboratories or R & D labs, quality planning and scheduling are major challenges for many of the organizations.

Benefits of QC Planning & Scheduling Solution


Integrate with multiple data sources likeĀ ERP, Legacy Systems or with any existing systems.


Helps organizations to manage and optimize their resource allocations, increase productivity, save time, reduce operational.

Unique Requirements

Configure the solution to your specific or unique requirements when it comes to creating, planning and scheduling the activities.

Features of Quality Control Planning & Scheduling Solution
--> Create and set a paperless lab scheduling and planning taking into account resource availability and time deadlines.

--> Auto-generate email triggers, escalations and communicate the scheduled activities to your analysts.

--> Allows you to create customized reports and charts as well as you can import or export your data to an excel spreadsheet for detailed analysis

Some of the challenges of manual planning and scheduling

==> Manually processing employee scheduling requests

==> Managing budgets

==> Filling shifts when unplanned absences occur