Standards (Primary and Working)Quantity Management and Tracking Software

Standards (Primary and Working)Quantity Management and Tracking Software

Standards Management and Tracking Software will be the best fit especially in the QC labs (Quality Control) of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies to identify, track the QC Logs and other activities in the laboratory. 

Benefits of Standards Quantity Management and Tracking Software

Unique Number

Each product/material is assigned with a unique number so that it cannot be replicated and also makes it easy for verification and confirmation.


Barcoding Feature helps in easily tracking the standard and able to print various QC log reports of various activities in Quality Control Lab.

Batch Number

The software provides the reports based on the analyst, batch number, and reference standard to working standard linkage.

Features for all Modules includes
-->Manage the Vials Wise and Quantity wise

--> Barcoding for each Vial will help in avoiding human errors and easy

--> Auto-generation of Consumed Quantity and Available Quantity based on the usage

--> Expired standards are not displayed for booking.

--> The entered details or QC logs can be reviewed and approved through approval workflows

Challenges of Standards Quantity Management

==> Challenges in keeping track of Expiry dates.

==> Unable to track and ensure whether the equipment logs, production logs, impurity standards logs, reference standards logs

==> Non Availability of reference standard logs in Right time will impact the business