HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Column Usage Tracking Software

HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

HPLC Column Management Software is an essential application allows tracking, managing and handle complete HPLC Columns Inventory and their activities tasks for any laboratory within Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Healthcare, and life sciences companies, etc.

Benefits of HPLC Column Management Tracking Software

Bar Code

System auto-generate the information of Column ID and Bar Code.

Avoid Duplicate

  • It also offers ease of reporting and summarizing, for stock and inventory control.Avoids Duplicate Column bookings at the same time.


Generate dashboards, graphs on column performance over the time.

Features of HPLC Column Usage Tracking Software
--> It creates an Inventory of all HPLC Column Management.

--> Tracks the records of cumulative injections

--> HPLC Column Tracking software allows the system to generate an automatic notification alert on washing cycles of the column at assigned intervals.

--> When a column retires its status changes to the retired column and that column will no longer be available for booking.

--> This will able to track and identify all the logs of Column Usage Logs.

Challenges of HPLC Column

==> High Performance Liquid Chromatography is widely used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotech Laboratories.

==> The analyst doesn’t know what solvents are currently in the columns manager, any buffers in the that and samples went through the column

==> This is a major challenge to get a detailed summary report on the usage of the column, the number of cumulative injections and sometimes the duplication mapping