Out of Trend

Out of Trend

OOT Management System is to have a well-organized, easily accessible information, fast-paced investigation process, and with traceability. Therefore, these challenges push the need for an automated OOT Management Software which can easily manage, effective fast track investigations.

Advantage of OOT Management

24 x 7

Enterprise-wide 24 x 7 accessibility that allows optimized OOT reporting anytime and coordinates failure investigations effectively.

Live Tracking

Ensure live tracking and traceability of status, automated email alerts, and notifications.

Easily integrates

Easily integrates and establish closed-looping with other Quality Systems such as CAPA.

Key Features of OOT Management Solution
==> Simplified OOT Reporting

--> OOT reporting involves a lot of description and data capture. By aligning the fields in an easy to define a pattern, initiators can describe and provide all related information.

==> Investigation Tasks

--> The report is investigated through a series of tasks such as re-analysis tasks, document review that can be created, assigned, tracked for completion across multiple departments.

Industries that can benefit from our Solution

==> Pharmaceuticals

==> Biotechnology

==> Biologics

==> Medical Devices

==> Chemical