Out of Specification

Out of Specification

The OOS arises when there are deviations in the product manufacturing process, errors that may arise in testing procedures, or due to malfunctioning of analytical equipment. It allows for the proper investigation of a particular root cause analysis for that OOS.

Benefits of Out of Specification Management

24 x 7

Guarantees 24 x 7 accessibility because it is web-based

OOS Tracked

OOS can be tracked effectively with its life tracking system and facilitates communications.


When complaints are made, solutions are made and patterned to suit your reports.It is accurate and allows for data capturing too.

Key Features of Out of Specification Management
==> Simplified OOS Reporting.

--> The reporting involves an effective description feature that also includes data capturing.

==> Phase wise Investigation

--> When the OOS is reported finally, it is subjected to further investigation with the aid of this feature.

Industries that can benefit for Out of Specification Solution

==> Pharmaceuticals

==> Biotechnology

==> Biologics

==> Medical Devices

==> Chemical