Vendor Qualification

Vendor Qualification Management and Tracking System

Vendor Qualification Management and Tracking System

Vendor Qualification Solution enables organizations to maintain a vendor management system that gives them complete control and visibility of records and documents related to each supplier.

Challenges in Vendor Qualification in Pharmaceutical Industry

Vendor Selection

vendorselection team needs to accomplish is to define, in writing, the product, material or service for which you are searching for a vendor.


Evaluation is a systematic determination of a subject’s merit, worth and significance, using criteria governed by a set of standards.

Analyzing Requirements

Analyzing Requirements involves all the tasks that are conducted to identify the needs of different stakeholders.

Features of Vendor Management Software
==> Robust Vendor Assessment.

--> They are assessed through a series of tasks that establish workflows between the organization and suppliers.

==> Integrated Audit Management.

--> The Vendor Management Solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with Audit Management to manage their own audits and ensure that it is patterned according to the manufacturer’s and regulatory institution.

==> Real-time Issue Tracking

--> With traceability, at the click of a button, any on-going issues can be identified, responded immediately and tracked for faster closure.

==> Ratings

--> The Vendor Management System allows multiple suppliers to be compared and scored based on their quality metrics and other criteria like pricing.